“Just in case you hadn’t noticed….”

by Suffolk writer Megan Aldous

As a Suffolk woman born and bred the list of delights one can experience in our county is endless.

It is a region known for stealing hearts as it simply offers everything.

Tranquil countrysides, sandy beaches and vibrant shopping centres are all just a stone throw away from each other. Where else in the world can offer those things at such a close proximity.

One can drive for a short distance and find themselves on a dreamy promenade with nothing but the sound of waves to listen to. Or you can pack a picnic and just a brief car journey later you are immersed with nature and countryside. Yet, we can still experience busy thriving atmospheres in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds.

Suffolk offers everything one could desire and is still in close grasp of our incredible capital city. You can embrace your calm cosy nest yet still take full advantage of the opportunities London has to offer without having to relocate.

The sunsets and sunrises are also to be adored they truly are second to none. It is almost like the sun rewards you for your early starts as you rub the sleep from your eyes and experience a display of amber and apricot shades in the sky. Then, as your hectic day comes to a close an array of pinks and orange intertwine to give you a pat on the back for your efforts that day.

No matter where life takes me I find myself comparing it to Suffolk but nothing comes close. Elsewhere the atmosphere is different and everyone is so rushed, busy and chaotic. You take in the surroundings and your eyes are met with a concrete jungle with little wildlife and escape, the complete opposite to home.

To name just a few there is picturesque Framlingham with its iconic ‘castle on the hill’, charming Aldeburgh with its famous fish and chips, and the historic Bury St Edmunds with the delightful Abbey Gardens. These places are true treasures which we are blessed to have as part of our region.

And if all that wasn’t enough – we have that very distinctive accent so no matter where we go we carry a piece of Suffolk with us. Because a place with quirky sayings like ‘on the huh’ and ‘on the drag’ is not to be forgotten.

Megan Aldous is a Suffolk based journalist who has a real passion for writing.  She loves being outdoors and going for walks. She is also a shopaholic and guilty of spending way too long on social media. She is always tweeting about pieces she has written so do follow to keep up with her latest news. She is also often looking for new opportunities so do get in touch. 

Twitter: @AldousMegan



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