“There is so much more to ageing than getting old and frail.  That too, of course, but it is surprising,  Well, it surprises me.  No sooner have I settled into what I think will become the habit of being old than I find that I have discovered yet another thought or feeling, found a new place.  And time takes on quite different dimensions.  The boundaries of time and place set by work and family slip away, and other patterns come through.  And then there is the ending.
I live an unremarkable life.  Perhaps you do, too.  I no longer make a contribution to all those things that are held to be of significant ‘out there’.  I suppose work was what I did for so long, and I guess I over did it.  Now, bit by bit, my capacity for work slips away.  It’s a feeling.  A kind of knowing.  I look at it carefully and wonder how it happens.
When you get older, or perhaps you might start before, you need to pay attention to the small things.  This is what I am doing, and when I do, I discover a new world.  When I was younger, there was so much to do that I never noticed them.”
Aldeburgh Beach


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