Maggie Hambling once said that sitting on the ‘Scallop’ is supposed to be

“a time for reflecting on the meaning of life, the universe and everything.”   

Image by Ella Mullins

– Thoughts on Love –

“The astonishing thing is that Love is.  Just that.  Love is.  And it’s everywhere.  That’s not what we are supposed to think.  But there it is.  Love everywhere.  Of course, if we don’t believe it we will not find it. We find what we think we are looking for.  If we think the world is made of opposites, then we find opposition.  But if we think the world is made of things that complement each other, then we will find relationships. Love is of the essence.  Not virtue or romance, although there is nothing wrong with either of those.  But more than this.  Love is the energy that informs all that is when it is most truly itself.”


Is there anything you would like to know?

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