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On Being at Home

Of course, most of us have spent much more time being at home for weeks now. For me, at the start at least, I couldn’t understand why so many people seemed to be pulling their hair out with boredom. In my bubble, life seemed to be busier than ever and I had even less time than before.

My Lockdown – Sara Green

At the beginning of ‘lockdown’ I read an article by an Englishman living in locked-down Wuhan describing his experiences of the COVID19 crisis. He wrote about how he had become used to the strangeness of his new life, how his fear turned to calm, how he learnt to appreciate the change of pace and even how he had come to love it.

Isolation – cooking for victory!

As day 7 of ‘lockdown’ dawns, realisation hits that while we have an ample stock of loo paper, a random and diminishing array of food lurks in the fridge – a few parsnips, a slightly flimsy looking cauliflower, some greening potatoes, a block of emergency tofu, nothing particularly inspiring! Sound familiar?

Has the pendulum swung the other way?

In 2020, I want to explore the voice of women and invite women to express themselves through this website. With an increasing awareness of ‘the climate emergency’ and the competitive pressures that affect our children and grandchildren, I am particularly interested in what women have to say about living in these troubled times, and how love and compassion can be brought into our lives - how we can take love seriously. The first blog comes from our regular contributor Rose Paul. Your comments will be most welcome.

Mid Winter treats

Christmas is coming. Try as I might to ignore it, the festive season is upon us and the frosty mornings and low golden sunlight have made everything feel Christmassy to me much earlier than usual.

Autumn Warmers

Being a gardener is a bit of a mixed bag. Although the last few weeks have brought days when I have been soaked to the skin and windswept, Autumn sunshine, when it does show its face is a rich and glorious thing.
Far from the watery light of the spring and the burning heat of the summer, Autumn sun is golden and warm. It peaks through red and orange leaves in all its burnished glory and makes everything glow.
In the garden it is a time of colour - the leaves turn, the dahlias flourish and the pumpkins are ready for picking. Its only recently that I’ve begun to appreciate the joy of the huge array of squashes and pumpkins that we can so easily grow and enjoy, with their unique shapes and colours trailing across the vegetable patch in splodges of colour ...

Summer and Strawberry Soup

Rose Paul shares with us why she believes Summer is the best time of year, from cornflower blue skies and dramatic thunderstorms, to making strawberry soup.


One day, ten days before Christmas, we drove into the Market Square in Woodbridge. The scene was magical. A little snow had fallen bringing to life the ancient houses; a true Christmas card scene.

Rose’s Warming Golden Milk

When the frost sparkles on the ground and the air is light grey, golden comforting warmth radiates not from the sun but from this magical drink.

‘Milk flower of the snow’ by Rose

One of the first flowers to arrive in the cold depths of winter, the humble snowdrop is a ray of hope and beauty. We might be mistaken for thinking them delicate and fragile as they hang their heads in the frost and snow.


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