Hear my prayer

On Saturday I woke just before six o’clock and opened the door to my garden.  Everything was still and silent, and above was the most brilliant star-lit sky.  I put on my dressing gown and slippers and walked out into the garden, standing and looking upwards to the stars.  Turning, I said a prayer:

In the East it is morning,
The breath of life,
Hear my prayer.
In the South comes noontide,
The energy of Fire.
Hear my prayer.
In the West it is evening,
The waters of reflection.
Hear my prayer.
In the North comes the darkness,
The wisdom of the earth.
Hear my prayer.
And in the centre is the Great Tree,
Above and Below.
Divine Father,
Divine Mother,
Hear my Prayer,
And let my cry come unto thee.
In that moment, I knew that Love was abundant in the cosmos and that it dwelt inside me, too.  That Being in Love lay in my relationship to all that is.  We may bring love to each other and to the world, but we do this by becoming part of that Cosmic Love that I felt in my garden, within and beyond me.  We come to dwell in Love.
My experience this morning is such a small thing, since I am a minute part of the whole.  And so are you.  But, in being part of the whole, we are all magnificent!

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergjvist


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